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 Klay Products overview brochure                                      
 Klay Company brochure   
 Selection Table for Klay Transmitters   
 Selection Table for Ex certification   


 Transmitters for the Food, Beverage and Dairy Industries   
 Pressure- and level transmitters for marine industries   
 Series 8000: Marine and Offshore   
 Marine Tank Level Transmitters   
 Transmitter for the pulp and paper industry   


 Series 8000 pressure transmitters / level transmitters
 Series 8000 and 8000-SAN: Overview                             
 Series 8000 VALVE: Transmitter in ball valve   
 Series CER-8000 PERAMIC: With ceramic sensor   


 Series 2000 pressure transmitters / level transmitters
 Series 2000, 2000-SAN and CER-2000                           
 Series 2000 VALVE: Transmitter in ball valve   
 Series 2000: Homogeniser Transmitter   


 Series 3000 pressure transmitters / level transmitters
 Series 3000 and 3000-SAN                                             


 Series 4000 pressure transmitters / level transmitters
 Series 4000 and 4000-SAN                                             
 Series 4000 VALVE: Transmitter in ball valve                    


 Submersible Hydrostatic level transmitters
 Hydrobar: Level transmitter   
 Hydrobar-I: Intelligent level transmitter   
 Hydrobar-S: Intelligent level transmitter - HART   
 HydroCer and HydroCer-I: Level transmitter (Ceramic sensor)   
 AquaCer and AquaCer-I: Level transmitter diameter 22 mm   


 Differential pressure transmitters
 Series DP-4000: Differential pressure transmitter                  


 Level switches
 VIBRA Switch S: Level switch, Tuning fork   
 VIBRA Switch C: Level switch, Tuning fork (Compact)   
 FLX: Level switch, Conductivity   
 KMW: Level switch, HF Waves   


 Temperature transmitters
 Pt100: Temperature sensors   
 TT-2000: Intelligent Temperature Transmitter                   
 TT-4000: Intelligent Temperature Transmitter   

About Klay

Dutch manufacturer of process instrumentation. A flexible organisation and wide diversity in design of products. Our instruments are being used for industrial automation.


Klay Instruments B.V.
Nijverheidsweg 5
7991 CZ Dwingeloo
Tel +31 521 591 550
E-mail info@klay.nl